Rental Rates & Fees

Rental Rates & FeesEffective as of October 1, 2015

Rental Rates per Container

Size Monthly Quarterly Annually
96 gallon $5.99 $17.97 $71.88
48 gallon $3.99 $11.97 $47.88

Containers are available in green for waste and blue for recycling.

Refundable Deposit is $25.00 per container regardless of size.

Stolen or lost container charge $25.00. Customer is responsible for a stolen or lost container. We will deliver a replacement container once notified subject to the terms of our rental agreement. We will allow a 10 day grace period for customer to try to locate the container.

Dishonored payment $20.00.

Pickup fee on cancellation for unemptied container is $20.00. We attempt to pick up containers on the date that either waste or recycling is picked up however it is the customer’s responsibility to ensure container is empty. If the container is not empty and we require a return visit we will charge a pickup fee.

Container not returned on cancellation will be invoiced to the customer at current retail rates.
96 gallon retail rates are $149.00 each.
48 gallon retail rates are $129.00 each.

All prices are subject to change without notice and are subject to any and all federal or provincial sales taxes.

These rates are in effect from the date stated above and are subject to change without notice. Please visit our web site at for most recent rates.